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Exciton Science periodically offers opportunities for casual work, fixed-term contracts and continuing positions.

Inclusive recruitment

The Centre is underpinned by a commitment to equal opportunity and diversity. Read our Inclusive Recruitment Policy.


Postdoctoral Researchers/Fellows in Photovoltaics (multiple positions)

Exciton Science Associate Investigator Anita Ho-Baillie is seeking to appoint multiple Postdoctoral Researchers in Photovoltaics (Level A/B) to work within a research group based at the Sydney Nano Hub and the School of Physics at the University of Sydney.

The group has advanced research on perovskite single-junction and tandem solar cells with breakthroughs in cell efficiencies and durability for various practical applications.

You will be given the opportunity to work collaboratively with a high-performing team with increasing capability and capacity expanding research areas to double junctions and triple junctions tandeming perovskites with perovskites, CIGS, OPV and Si for large area cells or modules.

Their true sustainability, cost effectiveness and how they are integrated into circularly economy are also of research interests within the group.

Learnings in perovskite photovoltiais have also been actively applied to other optoelectronics, photonic devices, dosimeters, storages and electronic devices.

Within the group, you will be given the opportunity to expand your research skills and experience and to grow in your career as a a mentee and a mentor, and to expand your research network when liaising with collaborative research partners.

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Research Fellow in Optical Nanomaterials (multiple positions)

Exciton Science has two opportunities available in the Hutchison group. 

Position 1: Research Fellow in Optical Nanomaterials Synthesis

Position 2: Research Fellow in Optical Nanomaterials Imaging and Spectroscopy

The successful applicants are expected to be involved in supervision of undergraduate and postgraduate research projects and take on a leadership role in the day-to-day operations of the Nanoscience Laboratory.

The successful candidates will have completed or be nearing completion of a PhD in the research areas of Exciton Science or a related discipline.

They will have demonstrated research experience in the fields of either: Semiconductor Nanomaterials Synthesis, Materials or Device Design, Spectroscopy, Excitonic Physics and or Chemistry.

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