Woodside | ARC Centre of Excellence in Exciton Science

Woodside provides energy which Australia and the world needs to heat homes, keep lights on and enable industry. Woodside has a reputation for safe and reliable operations. Their LNG in particular supports the decarbonisation goals of their customers, and they are progressing opportunities to commercialise new energy products and lower-carbon services as part of their broader product mix.  

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Harold Yap

Harold has 10 years of experience in energy, oil and gas, road, rail and mining industries in Australia as a business analyst, project manager, and engineer, with a focus on delivering commercially viable and technically excellent outcomes.

Currently, Harold is a Power Adviser at Woodside Energy, working on the establishment of an electricity business at Australia’s largest operator of oil and gas production.

His responsibilities include the management of functional resources, land agreement negotiation, commercial analysis and market intelligence in the electricity industry with a focus on renewables and energy storage.

Harold’s previous responsibilities include the testing, delivery and commissioning of subsea hardware and control systems, and oil production asset accountability.