Prof. Paul Mulvaney | ARC Centre of Excellence in Exciton Science

Professor Paul Mulvaney FAA FRSC is a materials chemist who focusses on the use of semiconductor nanocrystals as excitonic materials for solar energy conversion, sensors and security labelling. He is interested in exciton transport in nanocrystal systems and self-assembly of nanocrystals.

PhD, University of Melbourne, 1989
BSc (hons.), University of Melbourne, 1984
Centre Research: 

Mulvaney's group is developing new semiconductor nanocrystals for use in luminescent solar concentrators (Platform 1.1) and printable photovoltaics (Platform 1.2). He is also doing basic studies into nanocrystal self-assembly (Platform 2.3) and single QD spectroscopy (Platform 2.3). He works closely with DST on fluorescence based sensors (Platform 3.1), QD LEDs with CSIRO (Platform 3.2) and RBA on new security features for polymer banknotes (Platform 3.3).

Centre Research Themes: 
3. Excitonic Systems for Security, Lighting and Sensing
Summary of any other of your centre responsibilities: 

Chair, Executive Committee


Conference Papers
Warner, T.; Kirkwood, N.; Yang, H.; Wu, N.; Mulvaney, P.; Rosengarten, G. Reducing Quantum Dot Aggregation in Luminescent Solar Concentrators. In Asia-Pacific Solar Research Conference; Asia-Pacific Solar Research Conference; Australian PV Institute: The Canberra Rex Hotel, 2019.
Conference Proceedings
Shahidan, M. Faris Shah; .Song, J.; James, T. D.; Mulvaney, P.; Roberts, A. Scalable and consistent fabrication of plasmonic colors via nanoimprint lithography. SPIE Micro + Nano Materials, Devices, and Applications , 2019, 11201, 112011J.
Journal Articles
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