Ms Samira Aden | Architect

Research Associate

Samira Aden is an architect and design researcher exploring relationships between art, architecture, and science. She is part of the Bau Kunst Erfinden research group lead by Associate Investigator Prof. Heike Klussmann. Her current research concerns the development of highly innovative solar active building materials, concepts and the implementation of solar cells into structures and designs on an industrial scale. 
Further Information:

Master of Science in Architecture Design Research (M.Sc), University of Kassel, Germany, (2015)
Bachelor of Arts in Architecture (B.A.), Aachen University of Applied Science, Germany, (2012)
Centre Research: 

DysCrete – Dye Sensitized Solar Concrete 

DysCrete - Dye-Sensitized Solar Concrete investigates the technical principles of dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSC or DYSC) for the purpose of a novel solar active concrete. By now a series of experiments with functional models is actually demonstrating the effectiveness of the approach. It came out that the logic of prefabricated concrete materials is highly compatible with the logic of DSSC, a fact that has been ignored so far because of the attractiveness of transparent cells offered by the DSSC technology. For the first time the DysCrete approach makes use of this compatibility for a concrete enabled to generating electricity out of solar energy. It can be produced without toxic emissions from freely available components using simple manufacturing processes. DysCrete can be seen as a paradigm of new materials for the design process, as the combination of concrete and electric energy leads to a whole complex of innovative applications