Dr Tu Le | ARC Centre of Excellence in Exciton Science

Dr Tu Le

Dr. Tu Le is a Lecturer at the School of Engineering, RMIT University. Her research focuses on novel computational machine learning approaches to design and develop functional materials. The goal of these projects is to efficiently design fit-for-function materials by mapping the relationship between materials structures or processing conditions and their physicochemical properties. The application of these materials varies from drug delivery, anti-fouling coating, to hydraulic fluid for aircrafts.

Dr. Le’s research outcomes have been published in high impact journals such as Chemical Reviews, Chemical Society Reviews, Advanced Functional Materials, and Small. Two of her papers have been cited more than 220 times since publication in 2012. Her research impact and contributions have also been recognized through many awards and grants, such as the Jacques-Emile Dubois award, CASS Foundation travel grant, and the joint Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science – Australian Academy of Science grant for attending the HOPE meeting with Nobel Laureates.