Dr Sri Matta

Research Officer

Worked in Integrated Steel public sector and private Infrastructure Industry (Power, Urban Highways, Airport Sectors) in India, after Masters degree.

Later moved to australia and pursued Nano-materials experimental research (Quantum Dot synthesis and characterisation, spectroscopy studies etc.), Dye-sensitised solar cells, and later switched to Computational Physics. 

Worked part-time as Nano Materials experimental research laboratory Safety co-ordinator, tutored for Photovoltaic cell characterisation experiments, assessed assignments for Masters students in Photo-chemistry and Electro-chemistry subjects at RMIT University.

Also worked as Sessional Staff at QUT, Brisbane in Computational Physics (VASP Tutoring) and experimental Physics (Optics and Energy Engineering) for Under graduates, while pursuing PhD in Nanoscience at QUT.

B.Sc (Physics)
B.Tech (Chemical Engineering)
M.Tech (Chemical Engineering)-(Specialisation : Environmental Engineering)
Ph.D (Nano Science - Computational Physics)