Dr Robert Shaw | ARC Centre of Excellence in Exciton Science

Dr Robert Shaw

Research Fellow

Robert is a theoretical chemist and mathematician, with experience in quantum-chemical method development and the theory of non-covalent interactions. He is interested in the links between mathematics, chemistry, and physics, and how theory can be used to guide and explain experiment. Within the Exciton Science Centre, his rôle is to investigate the use of machine learning for materials discovery, and to assist with theoretical developments in other areas. This includes looking at energy decay in excitonic systems, and the study of non-covalent interactions in the context of sensing applications. 

Before joining the centre, Robert studied at several universities in the U. K., working on the development of high-accuracy quantum-chemical methods. He is passionate about promoting diversity and equality in science, and is an active member of PrideInSTEM. 

PhD Theoretical Chemistry, University of Sheffield, 2019
MSc Theoretical and Computational Chemistry, University of Oxford, 2016
MMath Mathematics, University of Oxford, 2015
MChem Chemistry, University of Sheffield, 2015