Dr Mohammad Aminpour

Academic Background 
With my bachelor’s degree from the University of Tehran, I attained a robust engineering background with a high quality of education. In my master studies on geotechnical engineering (PWUT, Iran), I focused on computational geomechanics with the project defined on slope stability of fractured rocks at the abutments of Gotvand dam, Iran (187 m high), considering reliability issues. Through a computationally extensive research project in my master thesis, I developed my capabilities in simulation of geosystems using computer programs. I also enriched my knowledge in analytical, experimental and computational geotechnics during two years of my PhD coursework at the University of Guilan, Iran. With 14 postgraduate geotechnical courses I passed in my master and PhD, I attained a solid background in the field. In addition, a research program at the University of Dublin, Ireland, extended my skills in laboratory experiments and empirical investigations in geotechnical engineering with the focus on biomediation methods in soil improvement.

During my PhD studies at the University of Queensland, I boosted my skills in computational fluid dynamics (lattice-Boltzmann modelling). I used the coupled discrete-element/lattice-Boltzmann methods which is appropriate for investigation of highly complex flow behaviours. Using the High-Performance Computing resources available at UQ, I performed numerous state-of-the-art simulations. As an example, our published papers in Physical Review Applied (Impact Factor: 4.8) and in Physical Review E and also the other work submitted to Nature Communications integrated great scientific computations and data analysis. 

  • Aminpour, M., Galindo-Torres, S. A., Scheuermann, A., & Li, L. (2018). Pore-Scale Behaviour of Darcy Flow in Static and Dynamic Porous Media. Physical Review Applied, 9(6), 064025.
  • Aminpour, M., Galindo-Torres, S. A., Scheuermann, A., & Li, L., 2018, Slip-flow Lattice-Boltzmann simulations in ducts and porous media: a full rehabilitation of spurious currents, Physical Review E, 98(4), 043110.

Teaching and supervision experience 
My strong interest in teaching is evidenced from my continuous teaching activities since 2010, and the awards I received for my teaching and presentation excellence. I have also passed an extensive PhD course in Reflective Teaching organized by The University of Dublin, Ireland in which I developed my knowledge and skills about the most up-to-date methods of teaching. My performance in the course, also evaluated in combination with teaching activities, resulted in the prestigious achievement of “Reflective Teaching Award”. In my PhD studies at university of Guilan, I delivered lectures in several courses including Finite Element Method, Computational Modelling in Geomechanics and Advanced Soil Mechanics (all postgraduate courses). I also gave lectures at PWUT (Foundation Engineering) and at The University of Dublin (Structural Design). Furthermore, I have supervised several undergraduate and postgraduate students during my postgraduate and PhD studies, resulting in high-quality works .

Industrial work history 
In addition to my academic life, my simultaneous long-term experience of working in professional engineering companies (8 years) Arjan-Behsaz-Khak Co. (http://ap-behsazkhak.ir/) and SABIR Co. (http://www.sabir.ir) through my roles of engineering, managing and leadership has developed my professional character with special commitment to professional behavior, novelty and rigor in work. During my industrial careers, I have been involved in design and construction of infrastructural projects (concrete and earthfill dams, power plants, tunnels, rail projects, channels, etc), where my practical engineering knowledge and my communication and collaboration skills were established.  

Centre Research Themes: 
2. Control of Excitons


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