Summer Scholarship Program | ARC Centre of Excellence in Exciton Science

Exciton Science Summer Scholarship Program

The Exciton Science Summer Scholarship Program offers opportunities for talented and enthusiastic undergraduate students from Chemistry, Engineering or Physics based in Sydney and Melbourne. These projects offer an opportunity to get a taste for real scientific research and to learn new skills.

Open to exceptional and highly motivated undergraduate and honours science students in Sydney and Melbourne, the Exciton Science Summer Scholarship Program is a paid position and runs for a six-week period over the summer break. Participants are paid a stipend. 

This program is NOT available to secondary school students and is only available to undergraduate and honours students studying at an Australian university.

Participants usually choose to start at any time from November, and on agreement with the selected supervisor, the program can be undertaken in short intermittent blocks to suit other commitments over the summer period.

Please contact one of our Chief Investigators directly to enquire about potential projects. Enquiries should detail the following:

- Academic CV and transcript

- Research Areas and projects of interest

Areas of Exciton Science capabilities available for projects are:

Theory and Modelling of Excitons
Spectroscopy & Measurement
Materials and Synthesis
Devices and Prototyping

Capstone Mini-Conferences

Participants in the summer scholarship program will have the opportunity to present their work to other students who have completed the program and students from the undergraduate elective programs at regular Capstone Mini-Conferences. Events will be held in both Melbourne and Sydney.

Participants will also hear from Exciton Science Post-Doctoral Fellows on their journey in academia, how to get the most impact from their CV, and how to prepare themselves to reach their career goals.

The first Capstone Mini-Conference was held on Wednesday 26 February 2020 in Melbourne.  Capstone Mini-Conferences for each summer cohort will be planned for the end of Summer.