Study with Paul Mulvaney (University of Melbourne) | ARC Centre of Excellence in Exciton Science

Professor Paul Mulvaney is Laureate Professor of Chemistry in the School of Chemistry at the University of Melbourne and the leader of the NanoScience Laboratory.  

He is a Chief Investigator in Exciton Science and the Director of the Centre. 

Paul is a materials chemist who focuses on the use of semiconductor nanocrystals as excitonic materials for solar energy conversion, sensors and security labelling.

He is interested in exciton transport in nanocrystal systems and self-assembly of nanocrystals.

Paul is currently seeking students to conduct projects in:

  • Exciton logic gates based on single nanocrystal arrays (with Widmer-Cooper, Funston, Hutchison, Smith, Koehler and Thelakkat (Bayreuth));
  • Oriented assembly of single nanocrystals using electrophoretic deposition (with Widmer-Cooper, Funston, Koehler (Bayreuth));
  • Magneto-optical materials for security applications;
  • CZTS solar cells (with CSIRO, Jasieniak, Clearvue, Changsha, UNSW);
  • Nanofabrication of optoelectronics including NIR and blue LEDs, Electroluminescent devices, MIR photodetectors and novel solar cell geometries (with Lakhwani, Hutchison, MCN, Bullock (Engineering));
  • Synthesis of semiconductor clusters (with Russo);
  • Surface chemistry of nanocrystal-polymer interfaces (with Ghiggino, Smith, Widmer-Cooper);
  • Chromophores for aerosol detection (with Wong, DSTG).

Note: Some projects are able to start as summer research studentships from December 2022.

How to enquire and apply

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Paul (middle row, centre) and the members of the Nanoscience Laboratory at the University of Melbourne in 2021.