Welcome to the inaugral ACEx Solar Cell Challenge!

The Solar Cell Challenge offers students the opportunity to work in a small team, scientifically design a solar cell and get hands-on while synthesising and recording the entire process!

Why does this matter?  

We are undergoing a dramatic transition towards a de-carbonised sustainable society.  We need to think innovatively about readily available solar energy as an essential resource for an efficient energy future.  Researchers at our centre are trying to build solar technology that captures the sun's full spectrum, is low-cost and highly efficient.  Can you try too?

The 2020 Challenges

  • Level 1 (Years 7-9):  Dye-sensitised solar cell

Year 7-9 students, its time to produce a dye-sensitized solar cell!  In this category, you are provided with a basic method and a few key materials (posted to your school) which will allow you to make this specific type of cell.  Your challenge is to then apply your creative thinking skills in modifiying the method and building the cell.  How do you prove to us that you completed the challenge you ask?  Via video of course!  You will need to get your director and producer hats on to design a short video that details your process and shows the device in action!

  • Level 2 (Years 10-12):  Open solar cell

Year 10-12 students, the world is your oyster!  The objective of your challenge is to produce any type of solar cell through first conducting some research and desigining your own method.  In this category, you will need to apply a range of techniques to either enhance an existing or create a completely new simple solar cell.  We want you to be truly innovative and show us by recording your journey in a short video where we can see you and your device harnessing the energy of the sun!