Solar Cell Challenge | ARC Centre of Excellence in Exciton Science

The Solar Cell Challenge is open again for 2023!

Register your class now to participate in this year's challenge.

Get your students hands-on with science and convert light into electricity. This challenge gets them thinking critically around manipulating and adjusting experimental variables and experimenting carefully to produce their very own light to electricity conversion device. It's not easy though - so BYO thinking and patience hats. While student's work, make sure they capture evidence of their experimentation so that you can send it in to us and receive prizes! 

Who is the challenge for?

Any students in Years 7-10 can enter the Solar Cell Challenge in teams of 2-3 students. Please note that the challenge is not easy to complete and subsequently reccomended for STEM clubs and accelerated programs.

Please note, TEACHERS must enter on behalf of their students.  

When will the challenge run?

In 2023, you can enter the challenge now! Teachers can register to get kits sent to their school up until November. 

Find out more about our Key dates or download our Teacher Information pack to find out more.

Can student's do the challenge at home?

Unfortunately not - its fairly difficult to do this challenge at home as much of the equipment required is found in your school's science laboratory (along with a few of the extra reagents). 

What is provided?

Exciton Science will send you the two materials most difficult to aquirefor the challenge, but you need to provide the rest. The list can be found in the Teacher Information pack.

Continuing in 2023, we are also offering you the presence (in person or online) of one of our scientists to help introduce solar cells and the challenge to your students. This will be an approximately 30 mins session that you can book in by letting us know when you fill in the registration form.