TitleSuper-resolution optical microscopy with structured illumination
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsHirvonen, LM, Smith, TA
Book TitleFundamentals of Fluorescence Imaging
Paginationpp 383-414
PublisherJenny Stanford Publishing

In widefield fluorescence microscopy, resolution improvement can be achieved by illuminating the fluorescent sample with a spatially modulated excitation source.  Structured illumination microscopy (SIM) is one such technique, where a spatially modulated illumination pattern is projected onto the sample, and the final image is reconstructed from a series of images in which the pattern is moved between the images in the set.  With this technique, lateral resolution can be improved by a factor of two in comparison to wide-field microscopy.  Additional advances in this technique can lead to further improvements in optical resolution and wider applications.

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This chapter reviews the use of structured illumination in increasing the spatial resolution of wide-field optical emission microscopy. This technique can provide spatial resolution beyond the diffraction limit (super-resolution), to below 100 nm, and can be applied to various samples that emit light, including semi-conductor polymers and other materials.
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