Industry Placement Program | ARC Centre of Excellence in Exciton Science

Many Exciton Science students and postdoctoral researchers will continue on to a career in industry or government.

To facilitate that transition and create a skilled workforce in advanced materials manufacturing and the renewable energy sector, the Centre will co-support positions between three to six months for any student or postdoc at one of our Exciton Connect partners’ places of business. This could be in R&D, commercialisation & intellectual property, business development, or project management. We know that our graduates are worth investing in.

The Centre will support up to a total of six months of salary with a 1/3 contribution from the Connect Partner. Demonstration of in-kind and project support while employed should be shown from the Connect Partner.

The Centre employs a strong rubric to ensure that we are getting the best candidates for this opportunity and all eligible applicants will demonstrate an outstanding track record.