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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Exciton Science is committed to creating an inclusive and respectful workplace, where people from all backgrounds and gender can thrive and reach their full potential. 

The Centre has established a consultative Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee (EDIC), which has created a comprehensive Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Policy and a Code of Conduct

The Committee has developed supporting mechanisms to ensure the Centre achieves and promotes the mental and physical wellbeing of all members. 

Click on the links to below to view the EDI Policy, Code of Conduct and the results of our 2019 Climate Survey. The membership of the EDIC is listed below.

You can reach all the members of the Committee by using the following email address: equity_diversity@excitonscience.com

Mental Health First Aiders

Laszlo Frazer - Certified until 18/3/2023

Dingchen Wen - Certified until 16/3/2023

Johanna Monk - Certified until 6/7/2023

Asaph Widmer-Cooper - Certified

Alison Campbell - Certified

Read the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Read the expectations for conduct by our members.

Read the results of our 2019 Climate Survey

What the fund covers and how to apply.

How we recruit for diversity and inclusion

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee (EDIC)

The Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee (EDIC) was formed in late 2019 and held its inaugural meeting at the Centre’s Annual Workshop. This Committee has evolved from the original working group formed in 2018. The Committee was tasked with developing a Centre-wide Code of Conduct, developing policies and initiatives to foster an inclusive and respectful community within the Centre, and to seek mechanisms to increase diversity.