Control of Excitons


Case Study

The realisation of any excitonic device or technology requires control over four dimensions of an exciton: Energy; Lifetime; Position; and Spin/Polarisation. 


We will control excitonic behaviour bottom-top, from a single molecule level to bulk integrated devices through synergy of experiment and theory. We will implement a high-throughput discovery program to learn how to control the energy of excitons in advanced materials. We will use tailored light pulses to coherently control an exciton’s position and spin in an inherently quantum mechanical manner. 

Platform areas of work

  • Coherent Control of Excitons
  • High-Throughput Materials Discovery
  • Excitons on the Nanoscale
  • Multiscale Studies and Models of Exciton Transport


New ways to coherently control excitons, new excitonic materials, single molecule/nanostructure-controlled excitonic motifs and new theories of exciton transport. These outcomes will impact device-oriented research programs within the Centre, as well as exciton theory in general.