Exciton Science Connect Program | ARC Centre of Excellence in Exciton Science

The ARC Centre of Excellence in Exciton Science aims to ensure Australia builds a globally competitive advantage in the rapidly growing fields of materials for advanced optical and energy harvesting applications.

The Exciton Connect Program works towards this aim by seeking industry feedback on our research and technology development directions, creating industry research or training partnerships, and preparing our graduates to be an essential part of the future workforce.

We also want to enable industry and the public to be aware of the Centre’s research fields and to enjoy advanced notice of the technology they can expect to see in the future.

Benefits for Connect Partners

Industry or Community Partners who join the Exciton Science Connect Program will receive unprecedented access to:

  • World-leading researchers in Exciton Science to form collaborations and research projects;
  • Graduate researchers and postdoctoral researchers for recruitment purposes and new ideas;
  • Exciton Science Connect Funding Schemes (see below);
  • Regular newsletters, networking opportunities and access to attend or present at our regular workshops and seminars where the latest cutting-edge materials research is presented and discussed.

How to get involved

We hope the Exciton Science Connect Program is of interest to your organisation and look forward to discussing the potential to collaborate in greater detail. 

Further information on our lead researchers, our research areas and the expertise in our labs are available on our website.

To join the program, or if you would like to learn more, get in contact by emailing connect@excitonscience.com or contact our Science and Industry Liaison officer.