Exciton Science Connect Program | ARC Centre of Excellence in Exciton Science

The Exciton Science Mission

The ARC Centre of Excellence in Exciton Science aims to ensure Australia maintains a globally competitive advantage in the rapidly growing ‘materials for energy’ and ‘energy harvesting’ fields.

The Centre is driving research that will see Australia gain direct economic and environmental benefits from its research into solar energy generation; by supporting the development of relevant skills for a high-tech, renewable energy-based economy through its graduate research programs and through the creation of new, commercially viable energy technologies.

Through this two-pronged approach, Exciton Science is transforming how Australia moves into the zero-carbon future.

The Exciton Science Connect Program, launched in 2020, is an important opportunity for your business, organisation or community group to partner with Exciton Science in co-creating and implementing a low emissions, renewable energy vision for Australia. 

What is the Exciton Science Connect Program?

By launching the Exciton Connect Program, Exciton Science is seeking to create industry partnerships, engage with community organisations working towards a renewable energy future, and assist in preparing the skilled workforce for the future, in a manner which encourages our researchers and industry to engage, collaborate and look for new opportunities.

While the Centre is working at solving fundamental research problems, it is important to know which of these have the potential to be viable in the market and to assist in the wider community working towards a renewable energy future.

We also want to enable industry and the public to be aware of the Centre’s research fields and to enjoy advanced notice of the technology they can expect to see in the future.

Benefits for Connect Partners

Industry Partners who join the Exciton Science Connect Program will receive our monthly newsletter and invitations to attend and present your industry challenges to the Centre at the following events run by Exciton Science:

  • Annual Workshop;
  • Monthly Seminar Series; and
  • Online Seminar Series.

This will give our Exciton Science Connect Partners unprecedented access to:

  • World-leading researchers in Exciton Science to form collaborations and new research projects;
  • Graduate researchers and postdoctoral researchers for recruitment purposes and new ideas; and
  • The Exciton Science Connect Seed Funding Scheme and Industry Placement Program.


How to get involved

We hope the Exciton Science Connect Program is of interest to your organisation and look forward to discussing the potential to collaborate in greater detail. 

Further information on our lead researchers, our research areas and the expertise in our labs are available on our website.

To join the program, or if you would like to learn more, get in contact by emailing connect@excitonscience.com

Seed Funding Scheme

To support and ensure the success of the Exciton Science Connect Program, the Centre will provide seed funding grants of up to $25k per project to launch new and exploratory projects with the Connect Program’s industry partners.

This funding will be available to all Exciton Connect Program Partners working with eligible Centre members, including Chief Investigators, postdoctoral researchers, and Associate Investigators. (Conditions apply to direct funding of AIs and postdocs, and must be co-supported by a CI at your node.)

Applications can be made at any time.  Apply here (Members Portal login required).

The objective of the Seed Funding Scheme is to provide the kick-start money to build a strong and trusting relationship between Exciton Science and our Exciton Connect Program partners, in the aid of developing future ARC Linkage Program grants and other contract research projects and to develop mutually beneficial relationships.

Industry Placement Program

Many of the Centre’s students and postdoctoral researchers will continue on to a career in industry or government.

To facilitate that transition and create a skilled workforce in advanced materials manufacturing and the renewable energy sector, the Centre will co-support positions between three to six months for any student or postdoc at one of our Exciton Connect Program partners’ places of business. This could be in R&D, commercialisation & intellectual property, business development, or project management. We know that our graduates are worth investing in.

All eligible Exciton Connect Partners can express interest in taking on one of our graduates or postdoctoral researchers for the funded period. We hope this kick-starting investment will mean continuing employment, if appropriate at the Connect Program Partner, or help to facilitate new networks and opportunities for them to find employment in industry elsewhere.

Connect Partner Guidelines:

The Centre will support up to a total of six months of salary with a 1:3 contribution from the Connect Partner.

Demonstration of in-kind and project support while employed should be shown from the Connect Partner.

Exciton Connect Partners can express interest in recruiting a qualified postodoctoral researcher or graduate student here.

Centre-wide Expressions of Interest:

The Centre is also taking expressions of interest from eligible Centre members, including postdocs and students.

Potential candidates wishing to be involved in the program can apply here (Members Portal access required).

Assessment Considerations:

The Centre will develop a strong rubric to ensure that we are getting the best candidates for this opportunity.

All eligible applicants will demonstrate an outstanding track record. 

All international students and postdocs who wish to apply for this program must include details of their visa status to prove their eligiblity to undertake the position, or measures undertaken to enable them to comply.

Community Connect Program

The Community Connect Program is open to all Exciton Science members to allow them to engage with community and not-for-profit organisations and contribute to public discussion on renewable energy technology.

Community organisations could include but are not limited to such groups as NGOs, publishing agencies, media organisations, charity organisations, or public policy institutes.

Funding can cover travel, meetings and other related engagement costs.

Centre members can apply for Community Connect Funding here (required Members Portal login).

Connect Program Workshops

Exciton Science holds regular Connect Program Workshops to faciliate collaboration between researchers and representatives of industry.

Members of the Centre can access recordings of the presentations delivered at each workshop by logging into the Members' Portal and visiting: https://excitonscience.com/connect-program-workshops.

For non-members wishing to access presentation recordings and other information from the workshops, please contact communications@excitonscience.com