Climate Survey | ARC Centre of Excellence in Exciton Science

Exciton Science is committed to providing mechanisms for all of its members to engage in symmetrical communication and open dialogue.

The goal of this approach is to develop robust, trusted feedback mechanisms and ensure the needs and priorities of all members are optimised to achieving our collective objectives. 

The Centre does this by nurturing strong interpersonal relationships through reporting lines, providing regular seminars, distributing newsletters, maintaining a presence on social media and staging an annual workshop.

Additionally, in 2019 Exciton Science distributed a Membership Survey to provide an opportunity for members to offer their detailed insight regarding the strengths, weaknesses and areas of potential improvement within their working environments.

The Exciton Science Membership Survey areas of feedback were: 

Communication and Collaboration

Strengths: Members are collaborating with each other and communicating effectively within the Centre. 

Areas for improvement: Communication with the leadership teams and Platform Leaders was highlighted as an area for development. Also, greater recognition of individual contributions to the Centre was requested.

Communication Channels

Strengths: Members engage with the Director’s newsletter and updates. 

Areas for improvement: The Centre’s website and Slack workspace were identified as being less engaged with by members. They wanted more streamlined communication channels where they could easily find the information they needed as well as an induction on how to use the channels. 

Professional Development and Training

Strengths: Members agree that they have the opportunity to develop new skills and visit and learn from other institutions. 

Areas for improvement: 75% of members would like to receive mentoring from within Exciton Science. They were also not regularly attending training courses related to their roles. 

Culture, Diversity and Inclusion

Strengths: Overall, members expressed the belief that Exciton Science is an inclusive and respectful working environment that is flexible and friendly and where their contributions are valued. 

Areas for improvement: Even though this Area of Feedback had the highest level of agreement overall, there was less agreement about how the Centre handles bullying and abusive behaviours. 

Overall Experience as a Member of Exciton Science 

The overall experience of members of Exciton Science is very positive: 94% rating this as ‘Good’ or ‘Excellent’. In fact, 98% of members rated their experience as either Excellent (53.7%), Good (40.7%) or Average (3.7%). This is a strong statement of the level of engagement of members so far – even where areas have been highlighted for improvement, members enjoy being part of the Centre. 

Exciton Science is committed to providing as much transparency as possible to its members and partners in demonstrating our pursuit of excellence and high performance across all functions. To that end, please click the download link below to access the full results of the Membership Survey.

To further demonstrate its commitment to acting on the feedback of its members, the Executive Committee will introduce several initiatives in 2020 aimed at addressing the identified areas of potential improvement.

These include:

  • Specific Platforms will be featured on a rotating basis at monthly seminars, with updates from Platform leaders and dedicated meeting time allocated to relevant Platform members.
  • Seminar speakers to be aligned with featured Platforms.
  • Updates from seminar Platform meetings to be delivered in subsequent newsletter. 
  • Regular updates regarding Executive Committee and Science Committee decisions will be distributed. 
  • Our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion policy (EDI) has been developed into a comprehensive policy aimed at not only ensuring every one of our members feels safe and respected when they come to work, but that their issues and ideas will be listened to and acted upon in a respectful and constructive manner. 
  • The Centre has publicised the new policies on the Centre’s website, and will ensure there is a strong message communicated across all members, as the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee continues its work to ensure the Centre is an inclusive, affirming and supportive workplace for all members. 
  • The Centre will initiate new training and mentoring programs in 2020 and support our ECR and Postgraduate Student Committees to hold ‘research retreats’, careers workshops, and social events. 
  • A new mentoring program will be launched in 2020, and each of our postgraduate students will be connected to a more senior Exciton Science member from another node to provide advice, support and new networks.