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ClearVue PV has been working for years perfecting a technology that utilises an age-old building material, one that protects us from and connects us to our environment, clear glass!

ClearVue PV’s patented technology allows visible light to pass through a pane of glass, while the invisible wavelengths of light are deflected to the edges of the glass where they are converted into electricity.

ClearVue PV technology can transform a glass building into a massive solar panel, generating power where it’s needed, reducing power transmission requirements across large distances. The technology is cost effective, environmentally friendly, and provides a sustainable and innovative new power generation capacity.

ClearVue PV has the potential to add efficiency to automobiles, public transport, agriculture and mobile electronic devices.

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Victor Rosenberg

Victor is a serial entrepreneur who is globally recognised for his contributions to the glass industry. Victor started out life qualifying as a Pharmacist before starting and exiting a pharmaceutical manufacturing business.

He has extensive business experience in senior management and sales related positions gained over the last 40 years. For over 25 of these years he has owned and operated businesses he started including the pharmaceutical manufacturing business as well as in toiletries and food manufacturing where he won an International Innovation Award in Germany for developments in food processing technologies. He has also consulted to a number of private and public companies in the areas of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and health foods.

In his work with ClearVue, Victor has recently spearheaded new and novel directions into which the ClearVue technology and product range is being diversified. In particular, through ClearVue’s ongoing collaboration with world-leading architects, designers and façade engineers (such as Arup Group), a range of self-powered, autonomous smart façade products have now been developed for commercialisation.

These include multifunctional window units and façade components such as windows featuring internal and external LED illumination, USB charging points, dynamic transparency-control (using PDLC, electrochromics or electrophoretics) and autonomous self-powered venetian and roller blind integration. All such window or façade features are controlled remotely over the internet.

These new developments have placed ClearVue at the vanguard of the worlds most advanced facade development and design and put ClearVue into a position of world leadership in self-powered smart window and glazing technologies.


Mikhail Vasiliev

Dr Mikhail Vasiliev graduated from Victoria University (Melbourne, Australia) in 2002.

He is a multi-skilled expert with research interests in the fields of optical physics, optical engineering, photonics, nano-engineered functional materials, and scientific software development.

Mikhail has been part of the Australian optics and photonics industry since early 2001, working as Development Engineer at JDS Uniphase Corp., North Ryde, Sydney, and later as Physicist at Optoelectronics Pty Ltd (Melbourne), until 2005.

As Senior Research Fellow at Edith Cowan University between 2005-2020 Mikhail has worked on a number of research projects and in particular for ClearVue Technologies’ projects since 2010. 

He is now employed full-time at ClearVue Technologies as Lead Scientist. Mikhail has co-authored multiple high-impact research articles published in international peer-reviewed journals, as well as several scientific book chapters. His Google Scholar profile is available here.